May 30, 2016`

Today was an incredibly productive and (as usual) fun day at Pongwe!  We did a lot of work for the roof trusses, and became sawing experts.  Just kidding; it was actually really difficult and we all sweat a ton as we attempted to be as accurate and quick as the contractors.  Garrett was almost initiated to be … More May 30, 2016`

May 28, 2016

Day 2 at Pongwe Primary School was somehow even more fun (and productive) than yesterday! We weren’t able to help with construction of the dorm today because the contractor was still working on building and placing formwork for the beams, which will hopefully be poured tomorrow. Siri and Xoab initiated a project to use scraps … More May 28, 2016

Habari jioni! Today. Was. AWESOME! We started early, with a 7:30 am meeting with the school administration to talk about the community, PUC, and future projects. Next came a tour of the classrooms where the tragic and over crowded learning conditions were juxtaposed by jovial smiles and warm greetings everywhere we went. For example, every … More


We made it to Tanzania!! After all these months of preparation – working with Mohamed, fundraising, designing, checking health and safety, etc. – the team is finally here! We had some long but good flights, and were picked up by Saphia from TeV! Now we’re excited to make the trek from the capital, Dar Es … More DAY 1