Meet the Team

Left to Right: Rachel, Sara, Siri, Garrett, Arlene, Xoab
Left to Right: Rachel, Sara, Siri, Garrett, Arlene, Xoab
Xoab Perez | Project Manager & Cost, Resource, and Schedule

Hi, I’m Xoab. I originally came to UT to obtain my Master’s in Structural Engineering as quickly as possible – and then I found out about PUC. When I learned that in one year a group of students could complete a project with an under-served community from concept to construction, I was immediately drawn in. It’s going to take a little longer to get my degree now, but I think it’s completely worth it in order to contribute to a community in need and gain valuable skills in the process.

Siri Soth | Assistant Project Manager & Fundraising

My name is Siri Soth. I am a senior studying Civil Engineering with a focus in ­­­­­­­combining my passions for engineering and international travels. Projects with Under-Served Communities is helping me do that and more! I am so thankful for the opportunity my team and I have to be able to travel to Tanzania and help these children finally have access to an education facility. Besides travelling and doing math, my hobbies include cooking and researching 3D printers. Thank you so much for stopping by our page; we are so thankful for each and every one of you.

Arlene Ellwood | Scope and Technical

Hello, my name is Arlene, and I am a junior studying Architectural Engineering with a certificate in business foundations. I am very humbled to be a part of the 2015-2016 PUC cohort, and am so excited spend a year learning how to communicate across cultures, as well as gain skills in project management and technical design. Some of my hobbies include reading and writing, and of course travel! I can’t wait to see how much I will learn this year, and want to say thank you in advance to everyone who has supported us in any way!

Rachel Piner | Risk and Safety, Quality and Standards Management

I’m Rachel Piner—a third year Civil Engineering student hoping that PUC will be the beginning of my international career as an engineer.  Going new places to meet people from whom I can personally learn and grow has become my utmost passion.  I’ve grown immensely attached to giving these Tanzanian children the opportunity to pursue an education, and I’m truly honored that I get to take part in shaping their lives and future endeavors.  I cannot wait to embark on this incredible journey! Also, not to mention, I cannot wait to see how beautiful the wildlife and scenery is in Tanzania (I have always wanted to see a free-roaming elephant)! I am eternally grateful to UT and the spectacular professors that began PUC for giving me this opportunity.

Sara Acevedo | Communications

My name is Sara Acevedo. I am a second year graduate student at the School of Social work, pursuing the Community Administrative Leadership concentration. The concentration essentially prepares me to be more involved in the development and evaluation of projects aiming to empower socioeconomically disadvantaged communities. Community service is a passion I inherited from my family, but the social work program has provided the professional development to address issues effectively and in partnership with the communities we seek to serve. Prior to attending the School of Social Work, I was a fourth grade teacher and an academic advisor for first-generation college bound students. I have worked in underserved communities abroad, but nothing quite like PUC. As the only social worker on the team, it has provided the opportunity to learn different approaches and perspectives around community development. On my free time, I enjoy creating memories with friends and family. These usually involve preparing dinner, sharing music, and having good conversation.

Garrett Maples | Logistics, Infrastructure, and Travel

Hello! My name is Garrett Maples  and I am a third year Electrical Engineering  student.  I have always had a passion for helping people, for using my good fortune to enhance other’s lives, and I feel PUC will continue to give me an avenue to pursue that. The experience PUC has given me is second only to the extremely tangible impact we will have on countless lives in the client community, and and will live with me for years to come. No job, class, or group project could have given me what PUC has. Thank you SO MUCH for the continued support!

“Make it have made a difference that you lived and lived well” – Emerson


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