The Project

Education is a key component of the Government of Tanzania’s development agenda, yet most Tanzanians only have 5 years of schooling or less. While about 80% of primary school-age children attend school, the enrollment rate for lower secondary education has dropped to 30.8% and then to 1.9% for upper secondary school. Enrolling a higher number of students by providing schools with new facilities will increase the number of children likely to cotinue their education. Building a new facility is likely to provide the community with more teachers and enable a higher enrollment of children to better learning environments.

Pongwe Primary School

IMG_0560Pongwe Primary School is located in the Tanga region of Tanzania and
serves 900 children, 70 of which are visually-impaired, with and without albinism. Children from all over live at Pongwe for the duration of their school year because it is the only school within 1000 km to accept disabled children. The school is currently unable to enroll any more visually impaired girls because they do not have the boarding capacity; that’s where we come in. Our team would be nearly doubling the capacity of the current dormitory for these amazing students, allowing the enrollment of twice as many visually impaired girls.


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